Our specialty is Large load Rail Transport: Raw materials, construction materials, automobiles, etc.

Main characteristics:
- Savings in time and costs.
- Enables the tracking of goods. .
En este contrato aéreo tienes disponible la legislación vigente para este tipo de servicio. ( descargar contrato )
In the following image you can see the chart with the series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in its latest version 2010 in force since January 1st 2011. They are a series of three-letter trade terms related to common contractual sales practices, the Incoterms rules are intended primarily to clearly communicate the tasks, costs, and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods.

Inter Service Transit is a freight forwarding company and customs broker exclusively and professionally dedicated to the international transport of merchandise in all its modes. Our team is made up of international members which allows us to provide our customers a tailor-made service. We offer a wide range of services for each different customer. Inter Service, IST is the best option for small and medium -sized companies.

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